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Why we love Xylitol from Birch

Given that the entire world now knows that sugar is the enemy...there is still so much in the way of sweeteners that are available on the market..and it is hard to know what is ok and what isn't. Nicole DiPietro-Case, one of the Bod partners, is a practicing naturopath and she gives our choice of sweetener Xylitol the big tick.

We use this to sweeten our Prebiotic Sodas & our LIVING Soda range. We love Xylitol because there are no nasty after tastes that Stevia & Monk fruit can give.

Our non GMO Xylitol is extracted from the Birch tree, so it’s natural. It is also produced naturally in our bodies and has half the calories and carbohydrates than sugar.

There are also studies now showing that Xylitol promotes good oral health (gums & teeth) HERE & an interesting article HERE



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