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Back in September 2016 when Emma & Nicole launched Bod Kombucha, they knew very well they were onto something BIG.
With their other food manufacturing company heading into its 4th year at the time, they were both well in tune with the changing demands of the health conscious consumer. They'd also been eagerly tracking data out of the US about the rise of functional beverages. 
They couldn't ignore it. 
Nicole, a practicing naturopath, was reading more and more studies about the benefits of fermented foods (Kimchi, Kraut, Kefir and of course Kombucha) and entering into functional beverages arena seemed like a natural progression.
So in September 2016 they rolled up their sleeves and absolutely went for it.
After an initial launch into Victoria and subsequent sellout months, the pair very quickly learned the importance of compliancy, brew planning and scaling up effectively.
In December of 2016, the leadership team grew with one more partner. Ex wine maker and with a deep passion in Kombucha brewing, Peter was a perfect addition to the leadership team. 
With the right knowhow, the right team, the right equipment and the tools to scale up, they did just that.
Today Bod Kombucha is available nationally in over 700 stores as well as in neighbouring country Singapore. 
But the team have not stopped at Kombucha. They have developed some market firsts in a Prebiotic Soda range using coconut cider vinegar and very soon launching Australia's first shelf stable probiotic sparkling mineral water and a range of shelf stable probiotic sugar free sodas. 
This formidable team have their sights set on the world market and so many more functional products. 

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