About Us

Bod Kombucha is made with loving hands by Melbourne based company Bod Conscious Enterprises and is headed up by the duo behind Paleo Pure, Emma & Nicole.

Bod Kombucha is REAL Kombucha. It is brewed with a SCOBY and then bottled in house at our HACCP certified facility in Melbourne Australia using organic tea, organic sugar and then flavoured using 100% fruit juice. Our range is 100% compliant with Australian Food Standards. Bod Kombucha comes in 7 different flavours and comes in a 330ml clear bottle with stylish and modern branding.

Our range is unpasteurized, live & raw and does not contain any nasty preservatives, additives or colourings. Bod Kombucha is 100% REAL.

Nicole & Emma, have a passion for bringing the most authentic gut friendly products to the market. Nicole, who is a practicing naturopath, sees the majority of her patients with gut related issues and believes that a state of wellbeing depends on ones gut micro-biome status.

Both Emma & Nicole are home brewers and enjoy kombucha daily.